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Surge Protection

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Since 1989, Autumn Electric Co. Inc. has served homeowners and businesses in and around Vienna with electrical services, repairs, and installations. We pride ourselves on being a respected, go-to electrical contractor in our community. Our customers trust us to have their best interests in mind and educate them on important safety concerns, such as potentially damaging power surges.

What Is a Power Surge?

A power surge is a brief but substantial spike in electrical current that exceeds the standard flow of electricity, caused by faulty wiring, downed power lines, or high-powered equipment usage, among other things. This surge may last just a nanosecond, but it can cause considerable damage. Wires can overheat and start a fire, and devices with microchips or circuitry that are especially sensitive to these types of fluctuations in voltage, such as computers, can be wiped clean or destroyed.

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Safeguarding Your Expensive & Invaluable Equipment

Many people use a surge protector to plug in their electronics and appliances without really understanding why. They may have purchased it simply because it offered more space for more devices, but that power strip goes beyond additional outlets. A surge protector redirects any excess voltage into a grounding wire while delivering a consistent current to any appliances or devices plugged into it, shielding them from dangerous fluctuations.

When purchasing a surge protector, look for:
  • Low clamping voltage – This is the threshold that sends excess electricity to the grounding wire.
  • Maximum energy absorption – Choose a capacity of 600 joules or more for the best protection.
  • Fast response time – Less than one nanosecond minimizes surge exposure.

Autumn Electric Co. Inc. may also be able to install a surge protection system into your main electrical panel for broad, front-line security.

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