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Wiring Your Home for Safety & Usage Demands

Have you begun to notice issues with your electrical system or have your demands increased greatly? It may be time to rewire, which involves fitting your home with new wires to replace the old wires which no longer work properly. Rewiring your home may seem like an overwhelming task, but our Vienna electricians at Autumn Electric Co. Inc. are prepared to take on the job.

Should I Rewire My Home?

Many homeowners make the mistake of believing that wiring is meant to last forever and that new construction is the only reason to install new electrical wiring. In fact, there are many different reasons why rewiring your home properly is a good idea.

The following factors can help you determine if you need to rewire your home:

  • Two-prong (non-grounded) outlets: Newer homes or homes with newer wiring have been updated with three-pronged outlets. If you still have two-pronged outlets in your home, you need to upgrade.
  • Power outages: Do you constantly have power outages which seem to be caused by nothing? Unless there are storms happening each type, it could be an indicator of a major problem.
  • Portable outlets/ extension cords: Having too many extension cords or portable outlets in your home is a major safety risk as they can get overloaded and spark or set a fire to your home.
  • Circuit breaker trips/ failures: Hearing the pop of your circuit breaker is not something you should ever hear, even occasionally. This is a common sign that you have a bigger electrical problem.

Keeping Your Electrical System Safe

Our Vienna electrical experts at Autumn Electric Co. Inc. are dedicated to taking whatever steps are necessary to ensure your electrical system is safe. If we spot any problems which we believe are a threat or issues that can be resolved with new wiring, we may recommend rewiring.

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