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In any given day, you expect that when you turn on a light switch or try to use an electrical appliance, it will simply work. However, what type of system do you have in place for when your power goes out? While a momentary interruption will likely not do any harm, it is not unheard of for the power to go out for longer periods of time during snow or rain storms.

At Autumn Electric Co. Inc., our Vienna electricians recommend that every homeowner considers the installation of a power generator. In the event of any type of power outage, you can ensure that your home does not lose power.

Types of Generators to Consider

A generator is a backup source of electricity which you can use if a power outage occurs. Power generators operate independently of your electrical system, which means that it creates energy mechanically. Generators are useful in many different ways, including to ensure your family's comfort or safety during a heat wave, storm, or emergency.

The most common generators in Vienna are as follows:

  • Portable generator: Portable generators can either be plugged into specific appliances or wired into your sub panel. They are not used to power the entire home, but instead specific essentials or appliances.
  • Standby generator: This type of generator will automatically start if a power outage occurs, which means you will not experience an interruption. They are typically strong enough to power your entire home.

Experienced Generator Installation Services

There are many types of generators to consider, depending on your exact needs and budget. Each generator comes in different sizes, makes, and models, depending on which amenities and features are important to you. Our electricians in Vienna can help you determine which type of generator is right for your home.

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